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NUCLEI Learning

By Educators, For Educators

NUCLEI Learning Services

Welcome to NUCLEI, the leading center for expert-guided teaching consultations, pedagogy seminars, and monthly grading services. Our founder, Saige Pompura, is an experienced educator who is passionate about helping other teachers succeed in their classrooms. Through our wide range of services and resources, our goal is to provide all teachers with the support and direction they need to be the best they can be. Whether you're a new teacher just starting out, or a seasoned veteran looking to expand your skills and knowledge, NUCLEI has the services to support everyone.

Teaching Consultations
  • One-on-One 45-minute sessions with pedagogy expert

  • Help to create and implement course activities and curriculums.

  • Help to design and structure/re-structure new or existing courses.

Grading Services

  • Submit assignments to Nuclei for grading.

  • Grades returned with statistics and summary.

  • Fast turnaround times

  • Allows for uniform grading.

Online Pedagogy Seminars

  • Watch on-demand with unlimited viewing access.

  • Videos condense pedagogy theories and concepts into defined topics.

  • Discuss how to implement this knowledge in the classroom.

NUCLEI Purpose


By definition, the nucleus is the central and most important part of an object, movement, or group; forming the basis for its activity and growth. At NUCLEI, our goal is to be the central resource for educators and catalyze the growth and success of every learning environment. 

The greatest challenge in science education is to condense an expansive volume of literature and make it accessible for educators to use in their classrooms. At NUCLEI, we aim to overcome this challenge. Our science-based services support the education and implementation of pedagogy in all learning environments. We provide data-driven resources to aid in the creation of safe and unbiased learning environments and provide expert-crafted content to supplement learning materials. Let the support and resources at NUCLEI be at the center of your learning environment.

Sign up and receive:
  • Instructions for file submission

  • Complete and unbiased grading assistance for all learning levels and subjects

  • Post-grading analysis to understand student performance

  • Fast turn around times

Grading Service

At NUCLEI we believe educators should be able to create learning material without being burdened by the time constraints of grading. Focus on the learning and our Nuclei experts will take care of the grading for you.

Online Pedagogy Seminars

NUCLEI experts deliver online webinars discussing pedagogical theories and practices, and how to implement them in your learning environment. We are working on building an ongoing library of webinars to meet every need. New videos are added regularly.

Topics Include:
  • Summaries of pedagogical theories & tips on how to implement them in your learning environment
  • How to integrate active learning techniques in your learning environment
  • Evidence-based discussions of how to remove bias from your teaching practices
  • Strategies for designing effective student-driven learning
  • Implementing backward design in your teaching material & learning environment
  • Strategies to shift student mindsets from grades to learning & retention ... and more!

NUCLEI Learning Services

Teaching Consultation

At NUCLEI, our pedagogy experts will help you create custom learning material to enhance your learning environment. Whether you are looking to revise classroom activities, design a new syllabus, or understand how to avoid bias in your assessments, we will work together and help you create a safe learning environment and foster effective learning.

We Can Help You 
  • Design and implement courses rooted in pedagogical theories to improve learning

  • Design learning material rooted in active learning teaching practices

  • Design learning goals and outcomes using a backwards design strategy

  • Create unbiased and effective learning material and assessments

  • Create learner-focused syllabi

  • Implement effective teaching tools and technologies to meet your learning goals

  • Implement low risk activities to foster enhanced learning ... and much more!​

Interested in an in-person, resident pedagogy expert on your campus? Contact us today!

I founded NUCLEI Learning after almost ten years of teaching at the collegiate level; after identifying the large gap in accessibility between science education data and our educators. Nearly a decade ago, I began my PhD training in immunobiology at Yale University. I began teaching undergraduate science courses and found my passion for pedagogy. After six years of training and teaching at Yale, I graduated with my PhD in immunobiology and teaching certificate. I then joined the Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology Department at Harvard and gained experience in curriculum design and course development. My educational and teaching journey has made me understand that education is synonymous with freedom and opportunity and that our educators are the key to the successful education of future generations. My goal in founding NUCLEI is to create the ultimate resource for educators of all levels and help them create a successful learning environment. If we can uplift and support our educators, we can unlock the power of learning.

Meet Our Founder

Hello! My name is Saige.

Saige Pompura
NUCLEI Teaching Consultant

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